Which is best for winter: steel or aluminum wheels?

So, you’ve decided it’s time for new winter wheels. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself before choosing a set of new custom wheels for your vehicle. What wheel will give you the best performance? What is the right wheel to suit your needs? What kind of style options are you looking for? There are two types of wheels that we offer at Courthouse Automotive: steel and aluminum alloy. So, what are the differences and which is best for you?

Steel Wheels
Steel wheels are the best economical choice. The price is low due to mass production and the low cost of steel. Your style choices are limited though. They come in fairly basic designs. Steel wheels can lack excitement. However, you do have the option to place a plastic hub cover over the steel that will give it that aluminum wheel look. Steel wheels also require little to no maintenance. But given that they’re steel, they may rust after a couple of years. They are also not made for every vehicle application.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Aluminum alloy wheels come in a vast amount of style choices. You basically have your pick of colors and finishes. For the winter, a fully painted finish is best such as silver or black. A chrome finish can be delicate and is less practical for the winter months. Machined lip wheels are also not the best choice for this time of year. Road salt and brake dust can collect and cause the clear coat to peel off. These types of wheels would require regular maintenance to preserve the finish. While aluminum wheels are becoming less and less expensive, the price ranges greatly based on style.

When choosing your new custom wheels, it’s best to consider your needs first. Steel wheels are low cost, durable and presentable. Aluminum wheels are more expensive, but stylized and can improve vehicle handling.