Your Exhaust System is More Than Just A Muffler

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard that annoyingly loud car roll down the road. These vehicles are a menace to society, and for more than one reason. They vehicle obviously needs a new muffler. But, did you know that there’s more to your vehicle’s exhaust system than just a muffler?

Your exhaust system has three main functions:

1. To tunnel hot gas from the engine out of the tailpipe safely.
2. Remove harmful pollutants from the exhaust by treating it.
3. You guessed it—muffle engine noise.

Having a working exhaust system is important for one main reason—exhaust is poisonous. If your exhaust is not working properly, there’s a chance that it could get into the cabin. Exhaust contains deadly carbon monoxide. With a broken exhaust system, you could be putting yourself and other passengers at risk.

That being said if you smell exhaust fumes in your car, that’s a major issue. Roll the windows down and get your vehicle inspected by a professional immediately. An ill-functioning exhaust system isn’t always noisy either. You may just hear a ticking sound when you start your engine. The tick goes away after you drive for a bit, so you think, eh problem solved. However, that sound could be a leak that causes a ticking noise when the engine is still cold, and goes away as the metal heats up and expands, closing the broken seal. Problem not solved.

Leaky exhaust systems are a major environmental issue. Obviously, exhaust contains a large volume of pollutants. Your catalytic converter removes some of these harmful substances. Diesel systems are even designed to remove soot. However, catalytic converters, like most engine parts, wear out. To prolong the life of this pivotal part, replace your air filter often and keep the fuel system clean. If you suspect that your exhaust system is failing, bring your vehicle into Courthouse Automotive for an inspection.