Top 10 Must Have Car Gadget Gifts

The holidays are just around the corner. Have you gotten all of your gift shopping done? Yeah, we haven’t either. For the gear head in your family, here is a list of must have car gadget gifts.

1. Scissor Lift (about $1,000)
For the serious car lover in your life, a scissor lift is amazing. It keeps you from needing to lie on your back on the cold concrete to check under the car or truck. It will lift a vehicle high enough to work on the brakes, suspension and body.

2. Swift Hitch Portable Back-Up Camera ($239)
Does your hubby have a trailer? This makes one-person trailer hookup easy, and even comes with night vision.

3. GearWrench Racheting Box Wrenches ($50)
This 7-piece rachet set only needs 5 degrees to move a fastener. Chrome-plated, it’s nearly impossible to strip a fastener with these tools.

4. Stanley Portable Battery Jump-Starter ($70)
This jump-starter comes with 500 amps of continuous power and 1,000 amps of peak power. That’s enough to get your car, truck, RV or boat charged. It also includes a 120-psi air compressor to fill up your tires and a powerful LED light.

5. Car MD ($70)
This gadget will read your check engine or any warning lights and capture the trouble code. It will even take you to a site that will explain the code and suggest solutions specific to your vehicle.

6. Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge ($15)
At $15, this digital gauge is a steal. It’s been reviewed to be as accurate as high-priced models.

7. GoLink iPod Cable ($99)
Like the Car MD, GoLink allows you to check trouble codes, diagnose problems and monitor various parameters but with your Apple device and a free app.

8. Craftsman Cordless Impact Driver ($100)
At just 4.5 lbs this impact wrench can develop 200lb-ft of torque and generate up to 3,000 impacts per minute.

9. Ram Drink Cup Mount ($37)
This cup mount is fully articulating, allowing you to place it virtually anywhere in your vehicle.

10. CG Lock ($50)
The CG Lock is an easily installed device that maintains seatbelt tension. It’s great for safety and can also improve your driving.