How Do You Know if You Have a Failing Motor Mount?

Common signs include knocking noises, vibrations, and engine movement.

A motor mount’s sole responsibility is to secure the engine of the vehicle to the body of the vehicle. Without a properly functioning motor mount, your engine will begin to rattle and move about under the hood, causing more than just unsettling noises. There are some signals to be aware of that will indicate that your engine mount needs servicing.

1. Knocking noises sounding off from under your hood. These are considered impact noises. A worn, damaged, or broken motor mount can cause this and other strange sounds from the weight of the engine shifting rapidly.

2. Rapid vibrations are another sure sign of a dysfunctional engine mount. If the rubber or buffering mechanisms wear out or are damaged, it will reduce the mount’s ability to absorb the engine vibrations. At this point, your whole vehicle will feel the vibrations and make for a very uncomfortable ride.

3. Engine movement is definitely a warning signal. A properly working mount will securely stabilize the engine. If the mount is broken, the engine will move about in the engine bay. As a result, you’ll notice more impact noise when accelerating.

As part of its regular operation, a vehicle’s engine will generate vibrations and motor mounts are an important component in helping to reduce these. Without having a properly functioning engine mount you could be jeopardizing other important parts of your vehicle or engine. To avoid putting this type of strain on your vehicle and causing more damage, bring your vehicle to one of our professionals to inspect any issues. If we find that you’re in need of a new motor mount, we can certainly take care of that for you.