Winter Car Care Coupon

Oil Change & Tire Rotation

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It is one of the most necessary parts of car ownership. It ensures optimum engine results and smooth driving. Getting a routine oil change about every 5,000 miles keeps it running at peak efficiency. Changing your oil often also extends the lifespan of your automobile. Without proper lubrication, engine parts end up rubbing directly against each other, causing severe irreversible damage. It can even lead to your engine overheating. When your engine overheats, parts can get jammed or even become fused together. There are impurities that build up around your engine such as metallic shavings, dust and antifreeze. These can cause issues with your engine processing and fuel efficiency. Changing your oil routinely gets rid of these harmful impurities.

Changing your oil often can even improve your engine’s performance and maximize horsepower. A well-lubricated engine ensures that all cylinders are operating at full capacity. When you come into Courthouse Automotive for an oil change, we’ll drain your vehicle and replace it with 5 quarts of the specified oil for your make and model. We will also replace your oil filter for optimum results. We’ll even check your other fluid levels and your air filter on the house. Your car is like a member of the family—it’s with you through good times and bad. It’s always there for you, whether it be to run a few errands or get groceries, or just taking a drive to relax and clear your head. Everyone has an emotional attachment to their car. You’ll be sad to lose it one day, so do yourself a favor and get your oil changed often!

Rotating your tires is also very important for longevity. No matter how you drive, tires have a tendency to wear unevenly. Your front tires will wear easily on the outside edges, for example. While you never think about it, it makes total sense. When you turn the wheel to take a corner, the outside edges of your front tires get worn down. Since your rear tires just follow the fronts, they wear more evenly. If you don’t rotate them often, those outside edges will get ground down much faster than the rest. This means that you’ll need to replace the tire or tires much sooner. Sometimes thousands of miles sooner! Rotating your tires can save you time and money in the long run. It’s also beneficial to overall vehicle handling. Your vehicle will ride much smoother. Rotating your tires is a quick and easy process. We’ll take a look at the wear of your tires and either move them from front to back, right to left or even diagonally. We’ll also check and adjust your tire pressure for you.

Rotating your tires can be an afterthought, but by combining these 2 offers for $29.99, you can take care of two essential services at once.