Several Common Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Car won’t start? There are a variety of reasons why your car may not be starting up. Typically, there are subtle telltales between the causes that can help you diagnose the problem. It can save you and your mechanic some time if you notice the distinctions. Here are several common reasons why your car won’t start.

1. The battery might be dead. We know this is fairly obvious, but it is the most common cause. If your vehicle is making a clicking noise, but won’t start your battery is probably dead. Easy enough. Just recharge your battery or purchase a new one.

2. You may have a bad alternator. The alternator is what charges your battery while the engine is running. Look out for dimming headlights, illuminated dash lights or even a growling sound. These are symptoms of an alternator going bad. If you notice any of these signs, get your alternator replaced before you end up with a dead battery.

3. You could also be having issues with your fuel system. You’ll notice that they engine cranks, but won’t start up. This can be caused by a blocked fuel filter or even fuel pump failure.

4. A bad ignition switch can also be the cause. The ignition switch sends power from the battery to spark the starter and begin the gas burning process. When your switch goes bad, this process fails. You may notice flickering dash lights and difficulty turning your car key with this issue.

5. Following the ignition process, you could also have a faulty starter. You’ll know when you have a faulty starter because it produces a high-pitched screeching sound.

These are just a few common reasons why your car won’t start. It can help you to recognize certain signs and sounds so that you can let your certified mechanic take a deeper look. Your repair shop will still need to fully diagnose the problem to get your vehicle back on the road.