That’s Gotta Be One of Those Car Maintenance Myths

You may have heard some of these car maintenance myths. Everybody seems to know what’s best for your vehicle. We are here to debunk a few of these myths that you may believe to be true.

Do you think it’s best to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles? This is a very popular myth, but it is more of a sales tactic from oil companies and shops. Read your owner’s manual for the most accurate information about your vehicle maintenance, including how often to change your oil. Most vehicles can travel well over 5,000 miles before changing their oil–under normal driving conditions. It may be necessary to change your oil more frequently if you drive on destructive terrain such as dirt roads, rough roads, or even long-distance driving.

Another car maintenance myth we’re here to bust is the need to change your coolant with every oil change. Again, your owner’s manual is your best friend. Coolant changes are usually recommended every few years or at 60,000 miles. This doesn’t mean to forget about or neglect the coolant. It is still good to keep an eye on the coolant to be sure there are no leaks.

If you’ve heard someone say “just read the tire wall” to find the psi recommendation for inflation. JUST DON’T. This figure is the MAXIMUM amount of pressure your tire can handle. If you fill your tires to the max, you run the risk of them bursting. There are other ways to best decide the psi for your tires. There’s always an manufacturer’s recommendation for pressure. They’ve done their research for this vehicle to best perform. You can usually find this recommendation on a sticker located on the driver-side doorjamb, the glove box, or the fuel-filler door. If you can’t find it there, you can always call the professionals at Courthouse Automotive to help you out.

Here is the final and most common myth we know you have heard. Warm your car first before driving. This advice is a bit old-fashioned. This may have been true for older vehicles, but the fastest way to warm a car is to drive it. The sooner the better. However, don’t rev the engine during your first few miles.

If you have more questions about auto maintenance, give us a call at Courthouse Automotive.