Is Your Vehicle Emitting Black Smoke?

Smoke coming from your tailpipe is never a good thing, let alone blue or black smoke. If your vehicle is emitting smoke, odds are that your vehicle is not properly maintained or tuned. When not tuned up, your vehicle is no longer able to control the level of pollutant emissions. Petrol engine vehicles emit smoke mainly due to excessive wear. Diesel vehicles emit smoke because of poor injector maintenance, poor driving technique or excessive fuel delivery rates.

Gas engines like your vehicle can also emit smoke. Blue normally means engine wear or even damage. Black smoke usually results from an excessively rich fuel mixture.

Here are some reason that your vehicle may be emitting blue or black smoke.
1. Air Filter
If you have a dirty air filter, your fuel mixture can get too rich. Be sure to replace your air filter regularly.

2. Fuel System
More than likely, you’re getting smoke because of a fuel system issue. It could be your carburetor or engine management system issues. Among fuel system issues, you’re looking at a long list of potentials:
-carburetor flooding
-choke butterfly unable to open fully
-putting in the incorrect grade of oil
-faulty or incorrectly adjusted choke
-worn or loose jets or needles
-faulty oxygen sensor
-faulty fuel injector

If you’re getting black smoke coming from your tailpipe, you’re probably also getting very low gas mileage. This is because you are burning an excess of fuel or “running rich.” When black smoke is present, check your engine oil first. Make sure that excess fuel hasn’t contaminated it. Also, check the dipstick and the underside of the engine oil filler cap. If it looks like a chocolate milkshake it’s contaminated. If you can smell a raw fuel smell in the engine oil, do NOT start the engine! Call your favorite mechanic and let him know what’s going on.