Proper Wheel Alignment is Important for Your Vehicle’s Performance

Everything that you own needs routine maintenance. Your air filters need to be replaced frequently for your HVAC system to work properly. You need to clean your dryer’s lint trap to reduce fire hazards. Your computer even needs to be updated frequently to work properly. Have you heard the turn of phrase, “a well-oiled machine”? Well, that’s because machines don’t work accurately when not properly cared for. Your wheel alignment is no different. It plays an important role in the your vehicle’s performance.

Your car hinges on precision to perform safely and efficiently. Your wheels can be easily misaligned. Usually, just from road conditions. But maybe you also drove forward through that parking spot, and didn’t realize until it was too late that there was a parking stop in front of you. Whatever the circumstance, your alignment requires regular check ups. Misaligned wheels can obviously cause uneven wear on your tires. But, “So? That’s only costing me more money on tires!” This may be true. But, think how challenging it can be to drive on a flooded or icy road with new tires. When your tread is worn unevenly, it becomes increasingly more challenging. Not to mention when your alignment is off, your vehicle has a tendency to pull to one side.

Besides being a potential safety risk, improper alignment also puts unnecessary stress on your vehicle. This can lead to other issues. It may also affect your brake shaft performance. When your vehicle pulls to one side, it can lead to steering system problems and cause uneven braking. Improper wheel alignment can also cause problems with your suspension. Your suspension is comprised of carefully balanced parts. When your alignment is off, your suspension is sure to go next. What was once a tune up, it now a very costly endeavor.

If you find see signs that your alignment in off, it’s time for a check up. Call our professionals at Courthouse Automotive to make an appointment today.