How long can you keep your car running? Ask Irv Gordon, who’s 1966 Volvo P1800 just reached 3 million miles. Yes, I said 3 MILLION. Now, most of us won’t come to a fraction of that, but there are some steps we can take to get our car running as long as possible.

1. Follow your vehicles service schedule.
The manufacturers built the car, they should know how to maintain it. Newer models even have oil life monitoring systems that tell you the best time to change the oil. Most newer cars have indicators lights located in the dashboard to remind you of recommended maintenance. So really, there’s no reason to be sparing on proper maintenance.

2. Regularly check fluids and tire pressure.
With the engine cool check the engine oil. Check the radiator overflow reservoir level and the brake cylinder reservoir. Also check the power steering fluid level and while you’re under the hood look over the hoses and belts for any signs of wear. Now start the car up and after it’s warm check the transmission fluid level. And lastly, with the tires cool check their pressure to make sure they’re filled to the proper psi.

3. Don’t race off.
If a car has been sitting cold for more than 5 hours it will have little or no oil left on it’s moving parts. The oil is in the oil pan. After start up it only takes a few seconds for the oil pump to lubricate the engine. During those few seconds keep the rpm’s down to a minimum. Give the engine about 30 seconds before dropping it into gear.

Wear and tear is normal, so don’t stress out over it. The steps we’ve discussed can be used on any vehicle and will help you be proactive about your car’s longevity. Remember, parts wear out on all cars, even really expensive ones. However, it’s almost always less expensive to repair your car than to buy a new one.

Drop by Courthouse Automotive and we’ll help you keep your car running as long as it can. Maybe not 3 million miles, but who knows?