Spring Car Care

Spring is right around the corner. It’s easy to think that your vehicle is in the clear once the weather gets warmer. However, all major season changes mean that it’s a good time for auto maintenance. We have a few tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely this coming spring. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. A/C Check
As the weather gets warmer, you may notice some latent problems with your vehicle’s A/C. Stop by Courthouse Automotive and have our technicians perform an inspection. We’ll check both the temperature and components of your A/C system, and make sure that you’ll stay cool and comfortable this spring and approaching summer.

2. Antifreeze
Antifreeze isn’t just important for your vehicle during the cold winter months. Its job is to keep your engine running at a consistent temperature, so it’s equally important during the warmer months. It can even be considered more important in the heat because it prevents your engine from overheating and breaking down.

3. Potholes
Be wary of potholes and other road damage created during the frigid winter. Even a little pothole or bump in the road can misalign your tires and damage your suspension.

4. Tire Pressure
Changes in ambient temperature affect your tire pressure. With a 10 degree increase, your pressure can drop by 1-2 psi. This translates to fewer MPG and faster tire wear.

5. Tire Tread
It’s always important to take notice of your treads. But spring means we’re also entering the rainy season. Your tread needs to be deeper in heavier rains to allow water to pass through while still maintaining traction.

6. Fluids
Heading into the spring season is a perfect time to check all of your fluids. Check the levels of your oil, coolant, transmission and brake fluid. Replace as needed.

7. Wash Exterior
Most likely, your vehicle is covered and salt and dirt from the winter roads. These particles can actually harm the exterior of your vehicle. Give it a thorough wash to remove sat, chloride and other chemicals including your undercarriage. Consider it part of your spring-cleaning.

Spring is a perfect time to give your vehicle some much-needed maintenance. If you need some assistance after going through our checklist, bring your car or truck into Courthouse Automotive for a full inspection. Our certified technicians will be happy to bring your vehicle back up to snuff for the coming season.