How to Remove Water from Your Gas Tank

So, you’re fairly positive that your have water in your gas tank. Now what? How do you get rid of it? Surprisingly, there are a few different ways to remove water from your tank.

1. The best way to remove water from your tank is to completely change the contaminated gas out entirely. Replace it with a non-ethanol blend of gas. It’s a higher quality fuel with a longer shelf life. It will absorb the excess water within a few weeks.

2. A high-octane gas will also do the trick. It will exhaust the tank of all moisture and leave it dry.

3. Certain products can also be used that contain special fuel additives and methanol, which will help remove water from the tank. These may not work if the quantity of water left in the tank is too much. Some of these products include HEET® and Hydroburn G®.

4. Rubbing alcohol can also an effective method. It will sink to the bottom where the water has settled and absorb it. Once the water in absorbed, it will turn into a mixture that is safe for your engine. It will eventually travel through your system and get burned off through the exhaust. WARNING: Rubbing alcohol also contains water. This method should only be used under the guidance of your favorite mechanic.

If the water level on your tank is too high, you will have to drain all of the gas as well as replace your fuel filters. And remember, like most things concerning the health of your vehicle, if you’re not sure bring it in for an inspection. We’ll be able to tell you if you have water in your tank or not, and how much. We’ll let you know if it’s a job that you can do yourself.