How to Change your Oil like a Pro

We’re going to tell you how to change your oil quickly and efficiently. Changing your oil is by far the most important maintenance you can perform on your car or truck. It’s also something that you can absolutely do yourself. We just want to make sure that you do it by the book.

First, you want to make sure that you purchase the right oil and filter for your vehicle. You may think, “Well, duh,” but these days oil filters have become a whole new variable. Make sure that you buy an oil filter that will go the distance. Most will only last 3,000 miles, and if your vehicle manual recommends an oil change every 6,000 miles, then your economy oil filter isn’t going to do the job. It is also very important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity for your engine oil.

To change your oil, it’s best to start your engine first for a few minutes. It will allow your engine to warm up, and the oil to drain easily. Shut off the engine, and prepare to jack up the car. You’ll want to insert jack stands for stability. Lower the jack so that your vehicle sits snuggly on the jack stands. Spread plastic sheeting or an old cardboard box on the ground to prevent spillage onto your driveway. For tools you’ll need, at the very least, a box end wrench, a funnel and a drain pan. We would also recommend a filter wrench (just to remove the filter, never to replace it) and a rubber mallet to help you get the drain plug off. Remove the oil plug, and allow it to drain. Then, remove your oil filter and replace it with the new one. Rub just a little bit of fresh oil around the filter’s gasket before hand-tightening it back into place. Screw the oil plug back into the oil pan and tighten it by tapping the box end wrench with the rubber mallet. Fill your engine with the recommended oil by the manufacturer. Tighten the oil cap, and you’re done! Always make sure to check the dipstick to see if you have the right amount of oil in your car. Now, you just need to find an oil-recycling center near you, and you’re ready for your next oil change. With these tips, you can change your oil like a pro any day of the week.